Brad Bannon

Monday, April 30, 2012

GOP Defensive on Bin Laden because of Bush Screwups

The GOP and Romney won’t have much to be proud of
tomorrow on the first anniversary of Osana bin Laden’s death.

Elephants may have long memories but Republicans
don't. The GOP criticizes President Obama for boasting about his relentless
quest to kill bin Laden but has forgotten that President George W. Bush made
the removal of Saddam Hussein the focus of his re-election campaign in 2004.
Bush adviser Karl Rove even questioned the patriotism of Democrats like Barack
Obama who opposed the invasion of Iraq.

Republicans also have a bad case of sour grapes.
Barack Obama was able to accomplish something, in 2 years that President Bush
couldn't get done in 8. Moreover, President Obama was also able to depose a
dictator in Libya without the loss of a single American life. Over four
thousand brave young Americans died in Iraq during the Bush presidency.

The other reason why Republicans are so defensive
on the anniversary of bin Laden’s death is because it dramatizes another in a
long line of Mitt Romney flip flogs. During his 2008 presidential campaign, Romney
said “It’s not worth moving heaven and earth to get him.” And as usual he
changed his position when he stated “We’ll move everything to get him.”

Republicans want to have their cake and eat it
too. As rich as he is, not even Mitt Romney can have both.


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